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Gabrielle Dubois

Gabrielle Dubois

As a novelist, specialist of the 19th century, Gabrielle Dubois is a great reader of the writings of this period. Even if female authors were, by force, less numerous in a patriarchal society, they are present and their writings are of unparalleled strength, intelligence and kindness.

Novels on the international scene:
Two of her numerous French novels have been translated into English: Mistress Mine and Where are you roaming? Louise, the heroine, has seduced many readers thanks to her freedom of mind, heart and body. But, for the same reasons, she has also shocked some puritan readers.

Ambassador of Toulouse.
As Toulouse in France is Gabrielle Dubois' birthplace, it is only natural that the author found herself the ambassador of this city which she honors in her illustrated historical novel Violette et Napoléon to be translated.

Founding General Partner of THE 51 FUND:
The 51 Fund is an American fund producing films written and directed by women.

Producer of CUSP:
Cusp is an American feature documentary by two women directors, Parker Hill and Isabel Bethencourt, chronicling a year in the lives of three American teenage girls struggling with a toxic masculinity. CUSP is selected for the Sundance festival in January 2021.

Gabrielle Dubois
Gabrielle Dubois

When Gabrielle Dubois finally decided to write the stories that had been inside her for years, she unleashed not only her prolific imagination, but also her word as a woman.

The heroines of Gabrielle Dubois' novels provide female readers with a feminine vision of women and the world in which they live: a vision that finally corresponds to them. Readers find themselves in her emotionally rich, endearing heroines who try to find their happiness, their path and love in a society of men.

To find out what is going on in Gabrielle Dubois' life, have a look at her website and blog. She talks about her commitment, about you women, who are 51% of the population!

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Hero versus heroine

One evening, Gabrielle Dubois was about to watch, with her husband, another umpteen film written, directed and played by men ? the kind: male hero saving the world ? when she thought:
"Enough is enough! I never liked that kind of stories. I'm going to write a story that I love, a story about a woman, the one I've been thinking about for as long as I can remember, the one I'd like to see on screen. A heroine who would speak to me, woman, spectator, reader."

So, every night, she settled in front of the family computer, because she had to earn a living during the day! and a year later, a first novel was born, which has since appeared in English version: Mistress Mine.

What's so special about these novels?

They are written in complete freedom!
To write freely, may seem easy in a society that is said to be free, but it is not so obvious.
To write freely is:
To write not for twenty scholars neither for all the readers of the world, but for those who are eager to read a good story.
To write without worrying about what one will say, about an official or unofficial morality.
To write without constraining oneself to insert into one’s history a complacent subject of society or fashion.
Finally, to write with complete freedom, it is to tell with sincerity the story which one has in his heart ... and that’s what Gabrielle Dubois did!

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