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Gabrielle Dubois
Gabrielle Dubois

Gabrielle Dubois, author of historical fictions. 

Here is her series Louise Saint-Quentin:

Mistress Mine #1

Where are you roaming? #2

To write, one must have learned spelling, grammar, conjugation ...
To write, one must have read a lot the great ancient authors, both in prose and in poetry.
To write, one must make huge historical researches.
To write, one must have an irrepressible desire.
But to be read with pleasure, whatever one’s age, one must have written above all with one’s heart. Because the years do not reach a passionate heart — it remains always young.

How far can the writing go?

We always want more than what we feel capable of doing.

Then one day, we say to ourselves: why not? So we take the pen to write the great novel of love and adventure which is in our self, which is our self.

Then we realize that the pen writes so quickly that it is almost difficult to follow. And we notice, surprised, worried, finally happy, that the pen went further than we thought.

Are books a solitary pleasure?

Writing is a solitary pleasure. Reading is a solitary pleasure.
Does this mean that the writer and the readers do not like humanity?
On the contrary! Beyond time and space, beyond colors and customs, the writer and the readers share dreams, knowledge, hopes, imagination, and love of mankind.