But what do these novels content?

A reliable knowledge of the 19th century is the background of Gabrielle Dubois’ novels.
Unlimited adventures like the imagination of their author.
Love, because it is both the basis and the quest of a life.
Characters of flesh, blood and feelings, terribly endearing, in brief, beautiful stories of women!

Novels ambassadors of happiness!

By writing her first novel, the author had a goal: to have fun, to escape from her daily life, to find back smile and well-being.
That's all ?
Yes, and that's a lot, it's even essential because, as the author says:
"When the writer is happy to write a story, the reader is happy to read it!"

Gabrielle Dubois

It's like cinema!

Reading a novel by Gabrielle Dubois is like watching a great movie.
How is it possible ?
When the author writes, she first sees her characters talking to each other, in their own environment and time: her chapters are primarily scenes that the author transcribes on paper, for a guaranteed visual effect!

So many readers, so many book formats!


Just as love is love whatever its form, a story is a story, whatever its format.
Thus, each reader finds pleasure to read Gabrielle Dubois’ novels in traditional paper version, ebook, big characters or soon, in audio-books.


Gabrielle Dubois, bookmarks 2018

Hero versus heroine

One evening, Gabrielle Dubois was about to watch, with her husband, another umpteen film written, directed and played by men ? the kind: male hero saving the world ? when she thought:
"Enough is enough! I never liked that kind of stories. I'm going to write a story that I love, a story about a woman, the one I've been thinking about for as long as I can remember, the one I'd like to see on screen. A heroine who would speak to me, woman, spectator, reader."

So, every night, she settled in front of the family computer, because she had to earn a living during the day! and a year later, a first novel was born, which has since appeared in English version: Mistress Mine.

What's so special about these novels?

They are written in complete freedom!
To write freely, may seem easy in a society that is said to be free, but it is not so obvious.
To write freely is:
To write not for twenty scholars neither for all the readers of the world, but for those who are eager to read a good story.
To write without worrying about what one will say, about an official or unofficial morality.
To write without constraining oneself to insert into one’s history a complacent subject of society or fashion.
Finally, to write with complete freedom, it is to tell with sincerity the story which one has in his heart ... and that’s what Gabrielle Dubois did!

Gabrielle Dubois the storyteller

Gabrielle Dubois, historical romance
Gabrielle Dubois

Since then, Gabrielle Dubois has affirmed herself as a free novelist.

In November 2018, she embarked on a brand new American production company for films written, produced and directed by women only: THE 51 FUND. Gabrielle Dubois is a Fouding General Partner of The 51 Fund. A new and beautiful international adventure, to change women’s perception by men and by women themselves.