BOOK REVIEW · 03. June 2018
Enchanted April
BOOK REVIEW · 09. May 2018
Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
In Italy, in 1860, a decadent and impoverished aristocracy, deaf to the upheavals of the world, still reigns over Sicily. But the disembarkation of the troops of the republican Giuseppe Garibaldi who wants to reunify Italy divided into several kingdoms,
23. April 2018
Mistress Mine, historical novel by Gabrielle Dubois author
It has been very difficult to find a title for the historical novel Mistress Mine, the first of the two parts series Louise Saint-Quentin. Indeed, there are so many different characters in Mistress Mine: females, males, young ladies, wise women, a composer, a shipowner, a painter, a hero; so many different places too: French countryside, Paris, France, Polynesia, Australia… The story takes place before Mistress Mine’s heroine birth, until she’s twenty: she evolves a lot. A title must...
22. April 2018
Claude Monet The Magpie
A winter of twelve years old Alexandre Dumas During the 1814-1815 winter, Alexandre Dumas was 12 years old. Unbeknownst to his mother, he began hunting with a gun, around his village of Villers-Cotterêts. Mr. Montagnon, a friend of the village, had given him a real shotgun rifle. It was a cane-rifle, the barrel of which was held in the hand, and the butt was put in one’s pocket. As soon as a bird appeared, the rifle was mounted, and its owner became a hunter. As soon as the hunter saw...
15. April 2018
The principal of the many collaborators of Dumas, Auguste Maquet (1813-1886) was often used by the enemies of the writer to support the thesis according to which "Dumas did not write his books."
08. April 2018
Merlin by Robert de Boron, a review by Gabrielle Dubois
The literature of the Middle Ages isn’t the one I prefer, and I’m not at all an expert in this genre. I took this book, for a challenge for the Historical Fictionistas group on Goodreads.
20. March 2018
"Whether they are my parents, nature or God who gave me life, I can only thank them for it. The world made me exist, but it belongs to me to make of this life the most beautiful thing ever. How? While living as if I was going to die tomorrow. Never cease being curious, learning, never letting my mind and heart fall asleep, by always learning, by earning every day the love of the persons I cherish. What's a successful life? It’s using all my capacities whatever they are; going beyond my own...
20. March 2018
This is a question I was asked on Goodreads, her’s my answer: It's not easy to answer, for many reasons. First I'm French, and my English is not good enough to explain delicate or precise things. So maybe you should also ask this question to Jane Hentgès, Mistress Mine's translator, who's from UK. An English reader reviewed that some parts from this novel made her blush while reading it during break at work. An American reader thinks it can be read by a 12 years old girl! I wrote this book...
20. March 2018
I can’t really tell. Not that I don’t want to, but, it’s only imagination. This is how it works for me: I write very quickly, because characters are talking in my head, like if I was watching a movie at the cinema. Well, this is how it happens for me. I imagine scenes, mostly once in bed in the dark. I’ve always done that, as long as I can remember. So I keep on doing this, I guess it’s my nature. Some persons hear other persons talking in their head and are called mad, some other do...

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