THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 14. July 2019
Wollstonecraft, Gabrielle Dubois author historical fiction
I had a little trouble getting into these Scandinavian letters that didn't take me away at first sight and I understood why in letter XX: Mary Wollstonecraft lacks the freedom and humour of a Gautier Theophile or nan Alexandre Dumas when they were writing their own travel stories. This may be due to the nature of MW, but it is also due to the fact that she is a woman
Topicality · 12. July 2019
My niece who is also my godchild has just given birth to a lovely little Antone. This baby is the first of a new generation in our family.
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 24. June 2019
I read this book in a French paperback book published in 1973, with a very small font, almost no margins, 450 pages long, no preface, and the most horrible bookcover in the world! How and why did I get this book? I can’t remember. What I do know is that I should have read it when I was young, it would have changed my vision of women, my vision of myself. Today, after having read George Sand, Mary Wollstonecraft, Virginia Woolf, and so many other great women authors, Germaine Greer's book has...
Why? · 18. June 2019
Joy in creation is the more or less long work we do, to carry out a project close to our heart, such as: * to raise our children to become responsible and happy adults ― long work! * to spend few hours in the kitchen to offer happiness to our guests around the table, * to read a lot of books for the bibliography of my novels; to write, throw away, cut, rewrite, until the word THE END ― which leaves me both happy and unhappy! (Why ? That’s another story! … I’ll tell you if you ask me...
An intelligent novel, full of suspense, attaching and complex characters and feminism. But as I have a lot of work this month, I don't have time for a review, so I just picked few things I commented with the Victorians! group on Goodreads.
Topicality · 16. April 2019
Notre-Dame de Paris
When he goes, small, focused on himself, crawling through the streets of his cities, teeming with sterile agitation, one could hate him.
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 15. April 2019
Bouguereau, la Bergère, Nanon, George Sand
"Sheep have no great judgment, it must be said; they graze where they are and leave the place only when there is only soil left to bite. It is indeed about them that one can say that they do not see beyond their nose, because of their laziness to watch." Do you know the opposite of a sheep? George Sand ! God, this woman was so great, powerful, intelligent, wonderful, visionary! I admire her and I like her!
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 07. April 2019
I read this book in a pretty edition with a cover made of pink jouy canvas, pages cut by the previous reader in 1928!
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 26. March 2019
the future is female Gabrielle Dubois storyteller
How to review, to summarize, this book? I don’t know. Or, to save face, I would say: I don’t have enough time to gather in a few sentences the ideas, the thoughts, the clairvoyance, the intelligence of Germaine de Stael!
THE 51 FUND · 23. March 2019
A brand new American Major is born: THE 51 FUND. 51 like 51% of the population in the United States are women. The trigger of this beautiful adventure of women, heart and money is Naomi McDougall Jones' TED Talk: "What it's like to be a woman in Hollywood."

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