Where are you roaming?

Where are you roaming historical fiction by Gabrielle Dubois author
Where are you roaming?


1899, Louise is now thirty-nine. She has spent the last twenty years  in Australia. What has happened to her during that time? Why take an  interest in her life again in 1900? Louise had created a     family for herself, but have these bonds withstood the test of time?  A terrible event will trigger off exciting adventures around the world.  Louise will be led to leave Silverdale and its cattle     station to go to Paris and London. Will she be able to find  happiness again in the twentieth century which will catch her  unprepared?
    Will Edward, Liam and Chevalier remain the only men in her life?  Will Erlina, Prudence and Jane be the only ones to help her and stand by  her during the adventures that await her in this second     book? Friends will appear again from the past... and ghosts.  But  can the future still have any surprises in store when you have already  led an eventful life? Will Louise be able to     safeguard her love and her happiness at the beginning of the  twentieth century?
    You will find the answers to all these questions in Volume 2, Where are you roaming? where the poetry of the 19th century and the modernity of  the 20th century come together. 

Publication of Where are you roaming? expected for July 2018!

Gabrielle Dubois author
Gabrielle Dubois

Where are you roaming?, an excerpt:

      "Liam didn’t let go of her arm before she had sat down in the  carriage. Hattie, who was visibly deeply moved, walked up to the window  of her door.
    ‘Have a nice stay Madam. I really hope that you’ll soon be feeling better.’
    ‘There’s no need to get upset, Hattie! I’m only going for two days at the very most. I’ll be back tomorrow! Good-bye!’
    Hattie gave a little smile.
    ‘Good-bye, Madam, have a good journey!’
    ‘Alright, Hattie, that’s enough, good-bye,’ Liam said impatiently.
    The horses started to trot, and the carriage moved off. The trotting  of the horses, the swaying of the wheels on the gravel in the driveway.
    A few metres further on, Daniel rode up. He started trotting slowly  when he drew level with Louise’s window. His sad blue eyes stood out  from his deeply wrinkled, weather-beaten face and he said     solemnly:
    ‘Good-bye Madam, look after yourself!’
    ‘Good-bye Daniel, I’ll see you tomorrow!’
    Daniel spurred his horse on and rode away.
    ‘They’re making a lot of fuss about nothing!’ Louise said in surprise.
    ‘They’re not used to seeing you come to visit us any longer.’
    ‘That must be it…’
    ‘Stop the carriage, Liam! It’s impossible. I can’t go.’
    Liam said nothing. Louise clutched the sleeve of his jacket with her fingers.
    ‘Stop or I’ll get out while the carriage is moving!’
    Liam took Louise’s two small hands in his and, without a word, laid them back down on her skirt. She was furious.
    ‘But what is all this? I’m being kidnapped - that’s what it is! It’s quite ridiculous - I’m not a child anymore!’
    Liam gripped her hands even harder and held her down firmly on the seat. She gave way.
    It was January and the weather was hot – a heavy rainfall poured  down on the carriage. The horses were drenched but trotted on at a  steady pace. Exhausted and rocked by the swaying of the     carriage, Louise fell asleep. Liam leaned Louise’s head on his  shoulder and turned to look out of the window on which the rain was  beating down. His face was drawn..."