An intelligent novel, full of suspense, attaching and complex characters and feminism. But as I have a lot of work this month, I don't have time for a review, so I just picked few things I commented with the Victorians! group on Goodreads.
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 15. April 2019
Bouguereau, la Bergère, Nanon, George Sand
"Sheep have no great judgment, it must be said; they graze where they are and leave the place only when there is only soil left to bite. It is indeed about them that one can say that they do not see beyond their nose, because of their laziness to watch." Do you know the opposite of a sheep? George Sand ! God, this woman was so great, powerful, intelligent, wonderful, visionary! I admire her and I like her!
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 07. April 2019
I read this book in a pretty edition with a cover made of pink jouy canvas, pages cut by the previous reader in 1928!
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 26. March 2019
the future is female Gabrielle Dubois storyteller
How to review, to summarize, this book? I don’t know. Or, to save face, I would say: I don’t have enough time to gather in a few sentences the ideas, the thoughts, the clairvoyance, the intelligence of Germaine de Stael!
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 08. March 2019
You, my sister whom I pity when you think we don’t cherish you; You, above all, who suffer in silence, I keep you for sister. Since when, sister, are you shut up in yourself? This is the question I asked myself the day you told me your distress. That day, my doubt became a certainty: your joyful, good, intelligent soul is trapped in your lack of confidence in you. Yet, you had love as we had. But love is not everything.
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 26. February 2019
It's the second time I read this book, first time was... decades ago! Here's a passage I particulary liked: "Of the many questions that have often bothered me is why women have been, and still are, thought to be so inferior to men. It's easy to say it's unfair, but that's not enough for me; I'd really like to know the reason for this great injustice! Men presumably dominated women from the very beginning because of their greater physical strength; it's men who earn a living, beget children and...
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 17. February 2019
In her two prefaces, that of 1832, when Indiana first released ― George Sand was 28―, and that of 1848, when it was republished, she explains why and how she wrote this novel. She had already a great experience of life, for such a young woman, at the beginning of the 19th century, and above all, she a luminous intelligence. "I wrote Indiana, I had to write Indiana (…) Is the cause I was defending so small? It is that of half of the human race, it is that of the entire human race; for the...
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 03. February 2019
"Time and space seemed to me to be fluid, carrying me on their stream; I was the Wandering Humanity, the aimless Humanity, yet inflamed with ideal: the Humanity enslaved by some laws and yet driven by a rebellious will to break them down, to make an existence free from them ..." "In front of my eyes, remained only the beauty of this human effort that stood itself erect in the infinity of the world. A show that the soul jealously welcomed and harbored. This was not the great revelation: that was...
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 31. January 2019
My grandmother told me, "Nowadays, girls can make a career. But they don’t find husbands. Or they don’t spend enough time with their husbands which finally abandon them. Then women lead a dissolute life ..." My mother said to me, "I think you're the best dancer in your dance class. But you know, I'm partial: you're my daughter. Anyway, you'll never be a prima ballerina." My dad said to me, "You're good at basketball. Well, sure, you're only in a small team ..." The man who assaulted me when...
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 29. December 2018
There is a chance out of two that you, who read me, be a woman; even more than that, since women read more than men! Half of humanity are women. A half! It's not a trivial amount, is it? And yet, do we see or hear as much this half of humanity as the other? No. No, and since since the dawn of time. But, thanks to The 51 FUND I mentioned in my previous blog post, at last, in the 21st century, this will change.

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