THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 03. March 2021
women matter
It’s disappointing to hear about the wage gap between men and women from the media, but it’s even more upsetting when you personally experience it. Men often earn more money than women in the business world, even when they lack the skills, education...
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 11. December 2020
Illustration: painting Amaryllis and Henrietta by Vanessa Bell, 1940
For thousands of years, men and women have been reading books mostly (mostly, mostly) written by men. What does it matter? you might ask. Ancient Greek philosophy, religious texts, love or war novels, science fiction, true or fictional contemporary stories are not all misogynous, are they? No, indeed, they are not... not all of them. But all those thoughts, those true or fictitious stories that are thought, imagined, written by men, would have been thought, imagined and written in a totally...
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 17. August 2020
‘"Normal" people are disgusted with feminism,’ said one woman. ‘What do you call 'normal' people, please?’ I asked her. ‘It's quite simple,’ said a man, ‘normal people are the majority.’ Ah, ah, ah! Thank you, sir, it's good to laugh! Once my laughter subsided, I asked myself several questions. The first one: Am I "normal"? Well, the answer is not obvious: I'm normal: 70% of French people wear glasses. I wear glasses, therefore I'm normal. I'm sorry, you, the 30% of French...
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 01. April 2020
Cesars ceremony, Cannes 2020, French Cinema
Every year the very official Centre du Cinéma Français (CNC) publishes its report on the state of French cinema. The last available report published by the CNC is that of 2018: Out of the total number of films that have been released in France, there are: 75% male directors, 23% female directors, 2% mixed.
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 23. March 2020
The Yellow Wallpaper, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Gabrielle Dubois
Depression, insanity, they're not my favorite subjects. So why did I buy this short story? Because the bookseller recommended it to me... and she did the right thing, this book is a masterpiece!
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 20. March 2020
Gabrielle Dubois female storyteller
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THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 11. March 2020
#Gabrielle #Dubois
We do live in a men's world and it is high time women were allowed to sing it.
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 08. March 2020
The wrong Kind of WOmen, Naomi McDouagll Jones
This book is a survey of the American film industry and particularly Hollywood. Basically, it's not pretty, really, really not pretty at all... especially for women, whether they are storytellers, directors or actresses.
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 10. October 2019
I have always worked to earn a living for myself and my children. So far, nothing extraordinary. I have a physically exhausting job, which requires carrying a lot of weight at arm's length. Arthrosis is present in all my joints. For 15 years, it has found my body very welcoming! I feel like a rusty iron robot. Six years ago, when I started writing the novels that had always invaded my head, I had to write them at night, on Sunday afternoons after work, and every hour I could pick up here and...
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 10. October 2019
Dorothy Bussy, Olivia
I read Olivia, by Olivia in its very first 1949 edition. I made researches to know who Olivia could be and I found: Dorothy Bussy (1865-1960), English, published three works, only one of them was a novel: Olivia in 1949. She has it published under the pseudonym Olivia. In my 1949 edition, the name Dorothy Bussy is not even mentioned.

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