Gabrielle Dubois author, historical fiction

Gabrielle Dubois author, historical fiction

Gabrielle Dubois was born in Toulouse, France, in 1967. Married for 21 years, she has two children ― a son and a daughter currently students.

After a childhood shared with three sisters, a tumultuous and uncertain young adult life, after the childhood of her own children, Gabrielle Dubois can finally write the first novel of a good series of stories that run in her the head since ever.

Granted with a fertile imagination, the blank page is unknown to her. The stories flow easily, the characters jostle in her head to speak or even interrupt one another! The result is novels filled with fresh, voluntary characters who live life to the ful, adventures and suspense, and lively, percussive and funny dialogues.

But the Gabrielle Dubois’ adventure only begins. Through her readings ― George Sand, Anne Frank, Mary Wollstonecraft, Virginia Woolf, Sibilla Aleramo ..., and the list is long intelligent women writers in the past centuries! ― through her heroines, women aiming for a world shaped by men, in her own life, Gabrielle Dubois is sensitive to the place of women in society.

Since November 2018, Gabrielle Dubois has become Founding General Partner of THE 51 FUND. It is a great honor for her to be a part of THE 51 FUND, a brand new American investment fund that will produce films written and directed by women only. This is a great adventure led by American women with brilliant careers in cinema and finance which will give women the floor.

The future is female, it's today! So, women, female readers, share with Gabrielle Dubois your anecdotes and experiences ! Because if the author enjoys to share her stories, she enjoys all the same her readers to share theirs with her.

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