"Whether they are my parents, nature or God who gave me life, I can  only thank them for it. The world made me exist, but it belongs to me to  make of this life the most beautiful thing ever. How?     While living as if I was going to die tomorrow. Never cease being  curious, learning, never letting my mind and heart fall asleep, by  always learning, by earning every day the love of the persons     I cherish. What's a successful life? It’s using all my capacities  whatever they are; going beyond my own past to walk confidently towards  my own future; finding my balance not to destabilise     others around, first of all my children; trying not to hurt anyone,  so not to allow remorse to settle in my heart and conscience. But at the  same time, don’t get hampered by people who would like     to draw you downwards. Loving, to be loved until after death, to  live still beyond the grave."

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