The principal of the many collaborators of Dumas, Auguste Maquet (1813-1886) was often used by the enemies of the writer to support the thesis according to which "Dumas did not write his books."
The fact is that Maquet played an important role in the writing of the principal masterpieces of Dumas, from the series of The Musketeers to that of Queen Margot, through Monte Cristo. The fact remains that his role appears clearly circumscribed: after a joint elaboration of the plan of a novel, Maquet undertook the necessary historical research and wrote a first draft, from which Dumas then wrote the text that one knows.
After years of fruitful collaboration, the relationship of the two men ended on a trial, due to the sums due by Dumas to Maquet. Maquet’s works have not passed on to posterity.
It would be fair to have also Auguste Maquet’s name on the Monte-Cristo book cover.
Alexandre Dumas is great medal which has its reverse, as the character of Liam Fitzgerald in Mistress Mine. This said, however, I’m a fan of Alexandre Dumas’ memoirs, plays and novels, and I’ll tell you next time a fun true story about the young Dumas!
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