Come see!

Have you ever noticed what children say most often to their moms, to the adults around them?

They say, "Hey, you, look at me! Hey, you, come see the house I drew, come see my toys, my painting, my beautiful cap, come see how I drive my bicycle!"
Do you want me to tell you a secret? Authors are like children! They write a story and they say: "Hey, you, reader, listen to my story! It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry. My story will make you know my joys and my pains, it will make you know my life through my characters. My story will make you know life."
‘Your story will make me know life?’
‘Yes, because a story, reader, is not trivial. A story allows you to project yourself into life, safely in your armchair. In a story, all of us, readers, learn life. Who are these people ? What are these countries? Why these reactions? What are their causes? Why am I afraid of you?’
Through the stories, we meet people, we discover countries, we understand the reactions of the characters who are the mirrors of our own reactions, we familiarize ourselves with the world and we learn to no longer be afraid; we tame each other.

And I challenge you:
‘Hey, you, reader, spectator, curious, well-intentioned, you who like stories and who more than once in two is a woman, this time, I would like you to count!’
‘What should I count?’
‘I would like you to count how many women writers are in your library. I would like you to count how many movies made by women you have seen in the past years.’
‘But why ?’
‘To discover the world, dreams, ideas, feelings, others and yourself, not only through the eyes of men. To get an idea of what is your place in this world, female reader, listen to women's stories, watch women's films. Perhaps you will discover that you are more than the supporting actress?’
‘Do you think so?’
‘I assure you! Listen to stories written by women, watch films made by women, it will enhance you. Come see, we are not rivals ! Come see, we can change the world ! Come see…!’ The 21st century will be female!

Gabrielle Dubois©

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