Thank you Mary, Pauline, Linda, Maryann, Luna, Arlene, Miriam, Sharon, Jenny and so many readers who already enjoyed Gabrielle Dubois’ historical novels!

"The story is lush and atmospheric. Louise, the main character, is charming and adventurous."

"Louise is a strong character and easy to love. Her story is captivating as she challenges the roles of women living during her time."

"Yes, I enjoyed this immensely, a book to get lost in."

"I absolutely loved Mistress Mine, it was an absolute gem of a story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading."

"A fabulous 5 stars for a story that had me gripped from the start and for creating a character that I'm finding very hard to stop thinking about!"

"Thank you, Gabrielle Dubois for creating such an uplifting, inspiring, feminine book."

 Mistress Mine and Where are you roaming? are pages of happiness within reach, treat yourself!


Thank you readers!

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