What happened to me in 2018

I'm not telling you anything new, 2019 is coming soon! Late December is the time when you can look behind your shoulder and say: WHAT, ALREADY? Where has this time gone?

If I were a maniac for the numbers, I would say to myself: what have I done with this year, these 12 months, these 8760 hours?
Well, let's see:
sleep: 2190 hours,
work - the job that provides for my family: 2600 hours,
household chores: 730 hours,
caring for children, living with them - mine are already 19 and 17, they require less time than small children: 750 hours,
shopping: 60 hours? - I hate that ! I would like clothes to arrive alone in my closet!
family vacation: 84 hours,
read: 730 hours,
friends, family, sewing, self-renovating at home, Goodreads, go to the doctor, write articles for a French newspaper, do bibliographic researches, administrative tasks: 1700 hours?

write my last novel in progress: Oh, my God! But I did not have the time, this year, and how much I miss it!
Total : 8844
Hours remaining: - 84.
Conclusion: maths are finally not my cup of tea !

Oh, la, la! This is the first time I do this kind of calculation, it's very weird, is it? Well, I forgot the time spent under the shower every day, and yet, I wash myself; yes, yes, I do!
What seems impossible to count, is the time spent crying, laughing and even more difficult to count, the best time of all: the time spent to love my family.

If I were pessimistic, I would recap this year 2018 as follows:

I ran once more after money: God it runs so fast! Which meant that I had to work far too much: my rheumatism got worse. My student son found a university room at an exorbitant price: I had to repaint the house myself, because it needed it. I still do not live on the sale of my books. Amazon has changed its software and bungled the ebooks versions of my novels, which I had to struggle against for months! (problem solved) France goes wrong whatever those who govern, and I spare you the rest of the list ...

But I am not so! While being realistic, well, I guess I am, I like to remember good things and hope for even better things to come.

So, here is finally, for you friends readers, the beautiful things that happened in 2018 in my life:

My son has joined one of the best engineering schools in the country. My daughter has started the studies she likes: history of art. Try to imagine how I like to hear her talk about her classes: I enjoy!

The first of August 2018, I was 51 years old.
On August the 1st, 2018, the second and last volume of the Louise Saint-Quentin series released in English version - which was, for me, more important than my birthday!

In September, my wedding celebrated its 20th birthday.

In October, one very late evening, while I was going, by car, to pick up my daughter at the bus stop which is far from home, I was stopped for a control by the police. The car, the papers, me, everything was in order, no problem. The only thing that was not regulatory was my outfit: I was wearing pajamas under my coat!

In November, I, Gabrielle Dubois the female storyteller, became a Founding General Partner of THE 51 FUND ... but that is a great adventure that I will tell you in my next post blog, because it is so extraordinary, so wonderful, so unexpected, so full of hope for us, girls, women, that it deserves its own blog post!

To wait pleasantly until the next blog post, please share an anecdote that happened to you in 2018 ... I will not tell anyone, I promise!

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