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BOOK REVIEW · 09. March 2020
Isidora, George Sand
This is the original Dame aux Camelias! Not the one written later by Alexandre Dumas-son who had read Sand's Isidora, nor Verdi's La Traviata, no! Here we have the real Dame aux Camelias, thought and written by a woman: George Sand.
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 15. April 2019
Bouguereau, la Bergère, Nanon, George Sand
"Sheep have no great judgment, it must be said; they graze where they are and leave the place only when there is only soil left to bite. It is indeed about them that one can say that they do not see beyond their nose, because of their laziness to watch." Do you know the opposite of a sheep? George Sand ! God, this woman was so great, powerful, intelligent, wonderful, visionary! I admire her and I like her!
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 17. February 2019
In her two prefaces, that of 1832, when Indiana first released ― George Sand was 28―, and that of 1848, when it was republished, she explains why and how she wrote this novel. She had already a great experience of life, for such a young woman, at the beginning of the 19th century, and above all, she a luminous intelligence. "I wrote Indiana, I had to write Indiana (…) Is the cause I was defending so small? It is that of half of the human race, it is that of the entire human race; for the...