Normal people

‘"Normal" people are disgusted with feminism,’ said one woman.
‘What do you call 'normal' people, please?’ I asked her.
‘It's quite simple,’ said a man, ‘normal people are the majority.’
Ah, ah, ah! Thank you, sir, it's good to laugh!
Once my laughter subsided, I asked myself several questions.
The first one:
Am I "normal"?
Well, the answer is not obvious:
I'm normal:
70% of French people wear glasses. I wear glasses, therefore I'm normal. I'm sorry, you, the 30% of French people with good vision, you're not normal.
80% of humans have brown eyes, I have brown eyes, therefore I'm normal. I'm sorry to tell you, the 20% of you with blue eyes, you're not normal.
I'm not normal:
60% of the world's population is Asian. I'm not Asian, therefore I'm not normal.
50.4% of the world's population are men. I'm a woman, therefore, I'm not normal.
We could continue to expand this list with more topical, more sensitive, more dramatic subjects, such as sexuality, the condition of women, wealth and poverty... But, in short, I trust you to understand my ironic point! And, if you have examples to add to my list, share them, we will read them with pleasure.
The second question I asked myself is:
Do I want to be "normal"?
My answer is obvious: NO!

So, sir, I hope you are one of the small percentage of people with a great sense of humor, and therefore you are not...

Gabrielle Dubois©

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