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THE 51 FUND · 06. January 2021
Cusp, Meet the Artist, Sundance 2021
Cusp chronicles one formative year of teenage life for three friends in a Texas town where there’s little to do but party—and where liquor, drugs, and guns are standard recreational accessories. Followed through lazy hangouts, fast-food outings,...
THE 51 FUND · 18. December 2020
Sundance 2021 Cusp
CUSP is a feature documentary selected at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, presenting one year of the adolescence of three teenage girls who live or survive in the casual cruelty of a toxic masculinity in a small town in Texas.
THE 51 FUND · 18. December 2020
cusp flim sundance 2021
CUSP, Documentary film premiering in competition at the SUNDANCE Festival 2021, realized par Parker Hill & Isabel Bethencourt CUSP chronicles one year in the life of "three wild-spirited teenage girls search for freedom and navigate early adulthood as they break away from their past traumas, in a small military Texas town. This raw verité portrait
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 01. April 2020
Cesars ceremony, Cannes 2020, French Cinema
Every year the very official Centre du Cinéma Français (CNC) publishes its report on the state of French cinema. The last available report published by the CNC is that of 2018: Out of the total number of films that have been released in France, there are: 75% male directors, 23% female directors, 2% mixed.
THE 51 FUND · 23. March 2019
A brand new American Major is born: THE 51 FUND. 51 like 51% of the population in the United States are women. The trigger of this beautiful adventure of women, heart and money is Naomi McDougall Jones' TED Talk: "What it's like to be a woman in Hollywood."