BOOK REVIEW · 21. June 2021
Caravaners by Elizabeth von Arnim
Caravaners is the story of a real-life journey that Elizabeth von Arnim (1866-1941) made with the novelist E. M. Forster in 1906. The novel is the fictional diary of the character Otto von Ottringen. It tells of a burlesque ride in horse-drawn wag
THE 51 FUND · 18. April 2021
« Showtime Documentary Films has acquired worldwide rights to the documentary Cusp, from first-time feature directors Parker Hill and Isabel Bethencourt. Showtime plans to release the pic in theaters later this year, ahead of its network premiere.
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE · 03. March 2021
women matter
It’s disappointing to hear about the wage gap between men and women from the media, but it’s even more upsetting when you personally experience it. Men often earn more money than women in the business world, even when they lack the skills, education...
THE 51 FUND · 03. February 2021
Award winning CUSP Sundance 2021
Cusp has been awarded the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award. What an incredible first film for The 51 Fund about to break out with!! Copyright © Gabrielle Dubois
THE 51 FUND · 28. January 2021
The "14 Buzziest Sundance Movies for Sale in 2021...” according to THE WRAP January 25, 2021. And guess what? CUSP is one of them! Sundance 2021 Cusp the film The 51 Fund #Gabrielle #Dubois
THE 51 FUND · 27. January 2021
Cusp the film, Sundance 2021
CUSP just sold out its Sundance premiere! Thousands of tickets sold! So thrilling! Sundance 2021 Cusp the film The 51 Fund Gabrielle Dubois
THE 51 FUND · 19. January 2021
Sundance 2021, Cusp film, The 51 Fund, Gabrielle Dubois
THE 51 FUND and I are overwhelmingly proud to be a part of CUSP, a phenomenal documentary premiering at the Sundance film Festival 2021 .
THE 51 FUND · 15. January 2021
Sundance festival 2021 - Cusp the film
Come to the virtual screenings of the Sundance Film Festival 2021! Don’t miss CUSP, the documentary THE 51 FUND produced. I’m so thankful to be a member of THE 51 FUND producing films written and realised by women, and so proud to be a part of the first film produced by us: CUSP. This year, obviuosly, we can’t be physically at Sundance, but it’s even more exciting to get to share all over the US, all over the world
THE 51 FUND · 15. January 2021
The 51 fund , Stinger
THE 51 FUND · 06. January 2021
Cusp, Meet the Artist, Sundance 2021
Cusp chronicles one formative year of teenage life for three friends in a Texas town where there’s little to do but party—and where liquor, drugs, and guns are standard recreational accessories. Followed through lazy hangouts, fast-food outings,...

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